Railway Children

Railway Children

The Railway Children charity fights for children living on the streets with nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to. Every day we help to change their story, providing a world of protection and opportunity for vulnerable children who suffer abuse and exploitation. In the UK, society often denies their existence, and in other countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become ‘normal’. Children run away or are forced to leave homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse and neglect. They find themselves living on the streets, where the problems they face are often even worse than those they endured at home.

Railway Children races to reach these children as soon as they arrive on the streets in order to intervene before an abuser can. Our pioneering work enables us to get to street children before the streets get to them. For information about CAF America and general donations, please visit here

Railway Children

About Railway Children

The idea behind Railway Children began in 1993 when David Maidment, Founder of Railway Children (former Controller of Safety Policy with British Rail), was on a business trip in Mumbai. David was deeply moved by the many street children he saw at the main railway terminal, and was haunted by the image of a 7 year old girl beating herself to elicit sympathy and money. On his return he researched all organisations working to help street children and saw a gap in the market, no one was focussing on early intervention. In 1995 Railway Children was launched, to stop the abuse of children living alone and at risk on the streets, through early intervention.

Our activities

Railway Children works with over 24 partner organisations with 117 projects worldwide across Africa, Asia, and the UK. Last year we helped 25,076 street children around the world. In addition, 38,246 children have been reached and supported where necessary through a prevention programme delivered in schools in the UK.



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